Business Development Corporation Board

The Business Development Corporation for a Greater Massena (BDC) is a combined entity of the Village and Town. The BDC Board oversees operations at the Massena Industrial Park and contributes to the overall economic growth and development of the greater Massena community. The Corporation is funded annually by the Village and the Town with the funds being used to assist existing businesses as well as fostering new development.

A total of 7 members serve on the BDC Board – they serve 3-year terms and are appointed equally by the Village and the Town (one is a joint appointment).

BDC Contact

  1. Business Development Corporation for a Greater Massena


    85 Robinson Road
    P.O. Box 5217
    Massena, NY 13662

    Phone: 315-769-8484

    Staff Directory
Name Appointed By
Address Phone Term Expires
Dan Pease
Town 61 Marie Street
315-769-7790 12/31/18
Ron Bacon (Vice President)
Town 12 Route 43
315-769-8110 12/31/19
David Laclair (Secretary)
Town 303 Haverstock Road
315-842-2254 12/31/20
Chris Herrick (Treasurer)
Joint 4 Owl Avenue
315-764-6778 12/31/20
Anthony Viskovich
Village 32 Ransom Avenue
315-250-9989 12/31/19
Paul Rufa (President)
Village 19 Chestnut Street
315-769-5807 12/31/18
Jeff Dobbins
Village 15 Ransom Avenue
315-769-3521 12/31/20