Town Board of Massena


The Massena Town Board is the legislative, appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town. It is the function of the Town Board to determine the types and levels of service to be provided in the Town. The Board annually prepares, holds discussion sessions and adopts the Town budget, which reflects the cost of conducting operations and monitors Town operations. In its legislative capacity, the Board passes resolutions and enacts local ordinances and laws that govern the functions of town government and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

The Town Board consists of 5 members - the Town Supervisor and 4 Councilpersons - who are elected by Town voters and represent the Town at large. Councilpersons and Supervisor serve a 4-year term of office. 

Written correspondence may be directed to the Town Board at:

(Government Representative's Name)
Town of Massena
60 Main Street, Room 1
Massena, NY 13662

Phone:     315-769-3588
Fax:          315-769-0578
Name Position Phone Term Expires Email
Steven O'Shaughnessy
Supervisor 315-769-3588


Sam Carbone
Councilperson 315-769-0054 12/31/2021


Melanie Cunningham Councilperson 315-842-8217 12/31/2018
Tom Miller
Councilperson 315-769-9417 12/31/2019


Albert Nicola
Councilperson 315-764-0431 12/31/2021