Massena Fire Department

village of massena fire department-BANNERThe Fire Department has been an integral part of the Massena community for over 100 years. The Massena Fire Department is a combination Career/Volunteer Fire Department comprised of 9 Career Firefighters and 52 Volunteer Firefighters. The Massena Fire Station is located at 34 Andrews Street, and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the Career Firefighters.

All Career Firefighters are graduates of the New York State Academy of Fire Science in Montour Falls, New York. In addition Career Firefighters receive a minimum of 100 hours of in-service training annually. The career crew is comprised of a Foreman and 8 members of the Massena Permanent Firefighters, Local #2220, an affiliate member of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

The Career Firefighters are also responsible for Code Enforcement in the Village and Town of Massena. This allows both the Town and Village of Massena to have an effective, professional, and cost saving approach to Code Enforcement. The Career staff provides Code Enforcement Officers and Building Safety Inspectors Monday through Friday 8am - 4:30pm, and Emergency Code Enforcement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Volunteers of the Massena Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. are led by one Chief, two Assistant Chiefs, three Captains, three Lieutenants, and are an affiliate member of the Firemen's Association of the State of New York. All Volunteer Firefighters have various amounts and levels of training ranging from Interior Attack, Fire Suppression, Command, Scene Support Operations, and other training principles.

The Massena Fire Department serves approximately 12,900 citizens, providing fire and emergency protection to both the Town and Village of Massena. Recently the Village of Massena Fire Department achieved an ISO rating of 4. This rating is used by insurance companies to help determine insurance premiums for fire insurance on your home.

The Massena Fire Departments protection area consists of approximately 57 square miles, 7,500 housing units, as well as 14 Churches, the St. Lawrence Center Mall, other local businesses, and various civic complexes. The Massena Fire Department is also responsible for protecting critical infrastructure located within the protection area. This infrastructure includes:

  • Three major rivers, The St. Lawrence River, The Raquette River, and the Grasse River.
  • The St. Lawrence Franklin D. Roosevelt Power Project, The Robert Moses-Robert H. Saunders Power Dam, The Long Sault Dam, miles of high voltage KV lines, The Frank S. McCullough Jr. Hawkins Point Visitors Center and Boat Launch, Robert Moses State Park, and various outlying administration, storage, and maintenance buildings owned and operated by the New York Power Authority.
  • 8 miles of International Shipping Lanes on the St. Lawrence River, The Eisenhower and Snell Shipping Locks, and various administration, storage, and maintenance buildings all owned and operated by the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. 
  • The Seaway International Bridge which connects Massena and the surrounding Northern New York area to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The Seaway International Bridge is the fifth highest volume port of Entry in the Northern Boarder of United States. Various United States Homeland security storage, administration, and maintenance buildings are also in the area of the Seaway International Bridge.
  • The Massena Intake Dam, where the Village and Town of Massena Citizen's receive their water from, is also located in out protection area. The Massena Intake Dam holds back the St. Lawrence River from flooding the Village of Massena and parts of the township.
  • The Massena International Airport has private and commercial air liners flying into and out of Massena daily at various times of the day.
  • Six major New York State Highways and Bridges (37, 37B, 37C, 56, 131, and 420) and various St. Lawrence County and local roads and bridges.
  • Massena Terminal Railroad and miles of CSX rail lines that ship local, International, and US freight products.
  • Industrial manufacturing businesses Alcoa, Arconic, Curran Renewable Energy, and the Massena Industrial Park.
  • Large occupancy buildings such as Massena Memorial Hospital, St. Regis Nursing Home, Highland Nursing Home, Laurel & Grasmere Terrace, The Quality Inn and Super 8 Motel.
  • Six schools including five from the Massena Central School District which include: Massena Central High School, J.W. Leary Junior High, Madison Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, and Nightengale Elementary. We also protect Trinity Catholic School, and The Holy Name of Jesus Academy.